Word hard. Rest hard. Enjoy Your Summer Like a Boss!

Make self-preservation your priority this summer … you’ve worked hard enough!

If you’ve made it to June with a sense of overwhelming relief, it may be a sign that it’s time to kick up your feet for a little summer R&R. As women, many of us lead a busy lifestyle, wearing so many hats that we often forget to take them off and focus on ourselves. We’re here to remind you of the importance of maintaining your emotional and mental wellbeing with new ideas on how to unwind for a few days. We know you deserve it!

The first trick to truly enjoying your summer without guilt is to admit that you were wrong for ignoring your personal needs in the first place. Go ahead and say it out loud and surrender to the truth: “I should honor myself and stop underbidding my self-worth. My mental and emotional health is important to me. I deserve a break and demand that others respect my time in doing so. I am reclaiming peace in my life today!” Take a deep breath and repeat as necessary.

You can continue to give yourself a pep talk whenever someone else demands your time. Feel free to repeat those statements of honesty in order to evoke some self-empowerment. But always remember that you have a right to relax and recharge. Here’s how you can prioritize moments of stress relief and enjoy your summer break!

Self-Reflect | Listening to Your Heart

First, spend some time alone! Yes, it is time to be by yourself for a moment. How else will you be able to hear what your heart is telling you? Grab a journal and a pen, and write down what is on your heart. If you wrote down any goals for the beginning of the year, take a moment to reflect. How do you feel about how you are spending your time? Remember not to beat yourself up in this process. This is simply a checkup to see how your heart is doing and determine what you need to do to rebuild some stamina toward personal growth.

Self-Medicate | Responding to Your Body

Think of this idea in the literal sense. Your body always tells you what is wrong or out of place. If you have headaches and can’t concentrate (you feel like your head is about to explode?), this is a sign that too many ideas are clogging up your mind and you need to release it. Outdoor walks or Restorative Yoga are great ways to release tension through the breath and through the balancing of chemicals in your body. If you have aching joints or tense muscles, ask yourself, are you moving around a little too much? Are you always on the go? Your body is telling you to slow down and rest. Check out Groupon.com or LivingSocial.com for some great local deals on spa services. One final treatment is to close your eyes. When all other routes to relaxation seem unobtainable, the best solution is to take a nap - seriously! You’ll feel much better when you wake. Repeating this self-care routine on a weekly basis will get you closer to a more balanced emotional and mental well-being.

Self-Actualization | Empowering Your Soul

Seeking happiness truly does take work. But the reality of the workload is that it gets easier when you mind your heart and body first. If your heart is engaged in daily activities and responsibilities, fit with pure motives, your body will not become stressed as a result. (Think of all of the times your body had to pay for your lack of focus on what’s truly important to you.) If your body is in balance with your heart, allowing you to maneuver through obstacles with a healthy vessel, you can make sound decisions about how to improve your daily life. Once the heart and body are at peace, your soul can be at peace along with it. Self-actualization is about honoring who you are. It’s about making sure your actions are aligned with your purpose. We use this information to validate our missions in life. Nobody else can demand that you change this! So you might as well prioritize your sanity and personal growth so that you can become the best version of yourself. It’ll make a stronger spiritual leader out of you anyway.

Once you’ve checked in with your heart, body and soul, you are now entitled to have some fun! Check out the last article on how to have a good time with a close friend or your family [http://hopeforwomenmag.com/featured/getting-grounded-in-your-friendships-let-spring-encourage-new-growth]. Finally, you can take on the summer like you own the place, choosing to enjoy your time and recharge, guilt-free. You owe it to yourself.