Final Quarter Playbook – Health Insurance Enrollment

It is the final quarter for 2017 and the decisions you make today directly affect 2018 which is quickly coming around the corner.  This is the year you found yourself consistently in a frenzy when it comes to health insurance. Repeal and replace was constantly being mentioned. Every couple of months, there was a new bill the table. Would it make it to a vote? Would it not?  What can you do to make sure 2018 is not the same?

For today… remove the politics and ask yourself, what do I need to do to ensure my health is taken care of? If there was no such thing as health insurance, HOW would you take care of yourself? What would you do right now that you had not done at the beginning of 2017? I will let you in on a secret…shhhhh!!

Your healthcare does not have a political affiliation. If you are sick in a hospital bed, no politician is coming to visit and be at your bedside.  They will continue with the family vacation not even knowing you were sick. You are in the Final Quarter, what do you do for your health in order to prepare yourself to succeed when it comes to your health.

Some of you will be going through open enrollment for insurance to start January 1, 2018. Are you uneasy? Do you dread it? Take a deep breath. See it for what it is and know there’s always an alternative for you to take care of your health. Know that how you started 2017, does not have to be the way it ends.