Author Tyora Moody Uses Book Character to Educate about Diabetes


She can be a bit irascible and bossy, but she is committed to her own diabetes management. On her popular blog, the middle-aged former teacher and current sleuth educates about diabetes and diabetes management. Best friends in her head include Mother Love, Patti Labelle, and Chaka Khan. The divabetic, as she refers to herself, dispenses information on everything from beauty treatments to recipes to mobile phone apps and more. The interesting thing is she is not a living person but rather a character in award-winning author Tyora Moody’s novel, Deep Fried Trouble. “Ms. Eugeena is a character who is funny and feisty. I gave her diabetes as a part of her character profile, and quickly realized after doing research on the disease, she could potentially teach readers about the day-to-day realities of managing diabetes.”

Moody created a blog in the character’s name with an accompanying Twitter profile (@MsEugeena) to share Eugeena’s advice and information on diabetes. As a result, the blog has grown in popularity with fans like Mother Love following her updates.

Ms. Eugeena began as a short story character in an anthology Tyora contributed to as an author. During the time she was completing three novels for the imprint Urban Christian, Moody outlined and developed a novel (Deep Fried Trouble) featuring the divabetic, and self-published by Moody’s own publishing company, TYMM. The character and book were a hit.

Tyora reasons, “Many African Americans know someone dealing with diabetes as either a diabetic or caregiver. In that way, Ms. Eugeena is relatable and engaging.”

The love for literature is what led Tyora to begin her own company assisting authors with their marketing and graphic design needs. She has a past and current client list as long as two arms. Recently, she published The Literary Entrepreneur’s Toolkit for new and established authors seeking help with social media publicity and marketing. Ms. Eugeena is an extension of her book marketing savvy.

In the fall, Ms. Eugeena will star in Oven Baked Secrets another cozy mystery. The character will continue to educate and share about diabetes management.

Tyora Moody offers free excerpts and downloads available at and you can visit her other sites for additional samples of her work.