Eating Healthy While on Vacation

It is possible for you to enjoy your time away without forgetting your diet.
It is possible for you to enjoy your time away without forgetting your diet.

Summer is here, and most of you are anxiously awaiting that vacation you have been planning since last winter. With so many exciting things to do, you may end up putting healthy eating on the bottom of your priority list. Here are some tips to stay focused on your goals of losing weight or simply maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, even when you’re miles from home.

Have a plan – Plan out each day so that you know where you will be eating and what your options are. You can even pick out your meals ahead of time. That way, when you’re sitting with a hungry belly in front of a menu full of attractive items, you won’t be tempted to order a little bit of everything. Having a plan will help you stay on the right track.

Pace yourself – Take your time, and enjoy the meal—after all, you are on vacation. Eating too fast can result in eating too much, so sit back, talk, laugh, and admire your surroundings. Because your mind is the last to know your stomach is full, be sure to give your food enough time to digest. Otherwise, you will end up with that stuffed, need-to-unbuckle-your-belt feeling.

Water, water, water – Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated, but also aids in flushing out toxins and keeping your tummy feeling full, which results in less snacking between meals. Another plus is that water also keeps your skin looking healthy. So drink up!

Snack healthy – There’s nothing wrong with a snack, but choose ones that don’t leave you feeling like you just ate a meal. With so many choices, you are guaranteed to find something you’ll enjoy munching on that won’t leave you with regrets.

Indulge once a day – When people are on vacation, they tend to give themselves permission to let go and eat everything. This could leave you gaining back all of that weight you have been working so hard to lose. Now, there’s no need to hide from the dessert table, but allow yourself one cheat item each day to satisfy your craving. You can still enjoy those usual off-limit items without the risk of losing your fabulous figure.

Vacations are a great time to rest and relax, but no one wants to come back home with extra pounds. Keep these simple tips in mind, and enjoy your travels!