1-2-3 Steps to Making Morning Workouts Your Thing 


Morning workouts are a great way to boost your energy and metabolism all day long. Meetings, deadlines and other last minute schedule changes can make it tough to keep your end-of-day workout commitment. It's a common challenge with an obvious solution - work out in the morning. I know, firsthand, how tough it can seem initially but trust me, try these three steps and you'll never want to start your day any other way.

Step 1

Schedule Your Workout & Your Bedtime

Morning workouts are only productive when you're well rested. Sleep deprivation has been linked to everything from decreased energy and weight gain to diabetes. And trying to get up out of bed when you're exhausted is nearly impossible.

Start by deciding your workout 'call time' then subtract 7-8 hours of sleep to calculate what your ideal bedtime should be. Then go to bed 15 minutes earlier every night until you reach that ideal bedtime.

Step 2

Find a Sweat Strategy That Works For You

If the mere thought of dragging your fitness essentials to the gym makes you want to hit the snooze button, it may be time to rethink your workout. Your favorite fitness DVD, a jog around your neighborhood or even an in-home Personal Trainer can help you stay accountable and motivated.

Step 3

Have a Pre & Post Workout Strategy

The more morning obstacles you have, the more excuses you'll have and the more likely you'll be to ditch your morning workout.  Pre-workout: keep things as simple as possible. Pack your workout clothes and gear the night before and put them close to the front door. Post-workout: have your work clothes washed and ready to go so you don't waste time or get discouraged.

It may be really tough at first, but stick with it and you'll become a morning workout junkie before you know it.

Photo by Justyn Warner on Unsplash