Do These 5 Things to Achieve Your Healthiest Body and Mind


A healthy body feeds a healthy mind. It’s a holistic cycle, and optimizing the health of one boosts the health of the other. For many people, losing excess fat is a top priority, but doing so needs to be part of a healthy daily routine. Doing these five things will help you develop a healthier lifestyle for the long haul:

Get to know your calories.

If you want to control your weight, the only way to do so is by understanding caloric intake. There isn’t something more magical than this that works in the long haul, but if you don’t think you can do it, you’re wrong. We all need a little fine-tuning sometimes.

Contrary to popular belief, you have many more options as a calorie counter than a fad dieter. You can eat anything, within moderation, as long as you stick to your recommended caloric intake. (Still, opt for choices rich with nutrition and just the occasional treat). Women losing weight should consume 1,200 – 1,500 calories per day while men can consume up to 2,000. That’s actually quite a bit of food if you know how to regulate it.

Put technology to work for you.

You use your smartphones for everything, and there are dozens of free apps like Sparkpeople where you can track your various fitness achievement. You can even pre-enter your favorite foods and portions so you can quickly enter your meal. Knowing exactly where you stand means you can check out how many calories a food has before consuming it. This gives you time to decide if it’s worth it.

Plan for a healthy life.

Plot your day in advance if you’re on vacation or a special event is taking place. Do you want to have a slice of that wedding cake this evening? By opting for filling low-calorie foods earlier in the day, you can do so guilt-free. The best part is you’ll still be losing or maintaining your weight.

Make weight management a priority.

The most difficult part of losing weight is truly deciding to do so. No one knows when this will be except for you. Keep in mind that it’s only healthy to lose one or two pounds per week, and it’s important to weigh yourself regularly (or take measurements!) to keep yourself accountable. However, if you follow your caloric intake, you’re guaranteed to reach your goal.

Remind yourself that health is more important than aesthetics.

Carrying excess fat is dangerous for our bodily and mental health, but so is obsessing over ridiculous goals set by society. In fact, obsession with clean eating, or orthorexia, is very likely to become a bona fide “new” type of eating disorder very soon. A healthy body is about balance, achieving a healthy weight in non-harmful ways, and remembering to feed our heads just as well as we feed our bodies.

In addition to regular cardio, strength and flexibility training, help your mind achieve better health by unplugging regularly. Get outside for a walk, and schedule windows of time where you can simply relax. Some people are attracted to meditation, others prefer an artistic endeavor like drawing, while others find great joy in carving out quality time with their loved ones.

In today’s world, we put “weight loss” on a pedestal, and given the increasing number of people who are obese or morbidly obese, that’s no surprise. However, bear in mind that a healthy weight is just part of a quality lifestyle. The body and mind need to both be nourished.