Organizing Your Way to Fitness


Not much exercise happens when we wait until we have spare time or when we get around to it. Here’s how to fit fitness into a hectic ever-changing schedule. Organizing Your Way to Fitness First we wonder if we will fit in our favorite shorts from last summer. Then we wonder if we will look as fit as we wish when we wear them. Finally, we sigh and wonder, yet again, how in the world to fit fitness in our hectic day.

Of all the things you think you don’t have time to get done, this is the one you really need to do. Sure, it has to do with looking better during short and swimsuit season, but the importance factor lies in good health. You think you can’t get it all done now? Wait until you are under the weather to see how far behind you are!

In order to fit in fitness, start with fitting in a bit of organization. Often, the desire to get in some exercise, even something as simple as walking, never sees the light of day because it is left to either: a) when I get around to it, or b) when I have some spare time.

Frankly, who has spare time? And when exactly will you get around to it since there are another twenty things on your to-do list every day?

Begin Getting Fit with a Change in Thinking So often we think that we need to set up a regular routine for walking or biking each day. Or, we need to sign up for classes at the gym. Then we can’t figure out how to accomplish those things and the plan fails before it starts. Who has a “regular” day? If you are like me, you have lots of irregular days- one after another! Change your thinking. Don’t try to figure out how work out at the same time each day. Instead, figure out how to flex your workout time to adjust to your ever-changing days.

Be Scheduled but Flexible Grab your calendar and work in a work out time or two into each day. If you can’t grab a 30-minute chunk, try for two 15-minute fitness breaks. Consider some options that don’t require a set time such as walking, biking, following yoga or other exercise videos on YouTube and so forth. Think about these ideas for working out:

Working out with kids: Jog or walk briskly with the baby stroller or pulling a wagon of toddlers. Have the kids ride bikes next to you or breakout a backyard or park soccer game with them.

When working all day: Take a 15 minute walk before spending 15 minutes eating your sandwich. Set your alarm to get up 30 minutes early. If you have some flex-time in your job, put on a headset and walk while returning phone calls or catch up on required reading on a treadmill.

When Chilling: Instead of propping up your feet and catching up on your favorite shows, reward yourself with a show after using a 30-minute workout video. Or, use the show as your timer. Lift weights or do exercises for the duration of your favorite show. Or, better yet, swap some of the mindless channel surfing for fit-time.

While Waiting: Parents spend a lot of time waiting for ballet class or sports practice to be completed. Plan ahead to have the proper shoes and clothes. Walk the perimeter of the sports field while they practice or jog up and down in a range where you can keep an eye on the kids.

Share the Chores: Try using chore time. Delegate some very specific chores during the week to carve out fitness time. For example, you could delegate loading and unloading the dishwasher just twice this week and carve out those two times to exercise.

How to Get Started Get specific on each day of your calendar. Make an appointment with yourself. When will you work out? Set your alarm on your phone as a reminder. In fact, set the whole week once you’ve created the plan.

• On Monday, you’ll work out by getting up 30 minutes before work. • On Tuesday, perhaps you’ll get in a 30 minute walk while you’d normally sit in the car and wait at your daughter’s ballet practice? • On Wednesday, you’ll sacrifice 15 minutes of your lunch break at work to walk and then you’ll do floor exercises during the 30 minutes that Modern Family is on tonight. • On Thursday, you’ll get your spouse to handle dinner and you’ll get in a yoga class. • On Friday, since no one has homework, you’ll take the kids on a neighborhood or park hike.

Each day you have organized in a way to get fit. It is scheduled yet flexes for each day. And what happens when you plan goes awry? Don’t shrug off fitness. If squeezing in something in a spot really doesn’t work, try a new idea. Flex! Just get back on track tomorrow.

You really can indeed fit in time for fitness.