Shut Up and Walk


My Sis-In-Love and I had just joined Girl Trek (A Nation Wide Walking Group) and we were super excited! I remember asking her if she would like to join me in walking up the steps of Joe Louis Arena after our morning Trek and she said yes. I had walked the Joe Louis Steps before so I figured I’d take it easy on her and not go so fast. We started out trekking the river walk and when we made it to the Joe Louis Arena Steps, I looked at my Sis and said, "Alright Sis...Are you ready?”

She smiled and said, "Sure! Let’s do this!" So we began our journey up the four flights of stairs.

I noticed that my Sis was going kind of fast so I yelled out, “Ok Sis, pace yourself. I’ve walked these stairs before so I know it can be a bit much for someone who hasn’t done it.”

She smiled and kept right on going. I’m thinking to myself, she doesn’t even know how this is about to end for her...

Now in reality, I was the one struggling but I kept moving because I was the Motivator and I came to Motivate and Motivate I shall. In between gasping for air, I mustered up enough breath to yell out, “Keep going… Sis…you got this!”

And what seemed like it took no effort for her to say, She yelled back, “That’s it Sis you got it!”

I’m thinking to myself, Excuse me? What do you mean I got it?! I know I got it. I’m trying to make sure you got it!

Yeah Folks, I really didn’t have it. But I didn’t want her to know that. Because I had nominated myself as the ‘Motivator’ and she would be the ‘Motivated’. At least that’s how I thought it was going to go. I preceded on up the stairs that started out ‘Giving me Life’ and now they have my backside feeling like a whoopie cushion for death.

It was all bad. And to shatter my pride even more, my sis-in-love invited one of her friends who had just got finished running a 5k on Belle Isle, and now both of them were standing at the top couching me up the stairs and doing a Rocky Jab dance. I mean, who does that to the Motivator!?!?

Needless to say, that when I finally made my way up to the top and caught my breath I said, “Sis, I call myself motivating you and here you are standing at the top motivating me!”

She looked me square in my eyes and said, “Girl, Shut up and Walk.” And she was right. We were each other’s motivation and it didn’t matter who made it to the top first because we both were there for the same reason, to walk!

So this year, whatever YOUR fitness goals are, just shut up and walk it out.

Lady Val Inspires

Here are five tips for a great walking regimen:

  1. Find a safe place to walk. It’s always nice to have a walking partner or group, but if you choose to walk by yourself, be aware of your surroundings. Choose a clean park trail, athletic track, or safe neighborhood.
  2. Wear comfortable safe clothing and footwear. For those who walk during the winter months, wear thermal gear and keep your feet dry by wearing walking shoes that are made for the weather.
  3. Make sure that you stretch before you began your walk and after you walk. This will aid in minimizing muscle cramps.
  4. Know yourself and adjust your pace accordingly. You are walking for the health of it, not the race of it. Slow walking is just as effective as power walking. Pay attention to your body and adjust your walk as needed.
  5. Hydrate. Especially for those summer months. Make sure you are drinking water. But not so much that your walk turns into a run because you’re looking for a bathroom.