Thanksgiving Survival: 3 Tips to Indulging Without the Guilt


It’s almost here: roasted turkey with gravy, creamy mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.  And let’s not forget the sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping, cornbread stuffing, dinner rolls with butter - and that’s all before dessert even hits the table.

I get it. Eating too much can leave you feeling guilty, while eating too little can leave you feeling like you’re missing out. But did you know that the average person eats nearly 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving Day? Although it can feel like a high wired, food-balancing act, surviving Thanksgiving is easy with a little planning.

Get Your Sweat On First

Whether you go for a walk, run or hit the gym, starting the day with a good sweat session will not only improve your mood and help you de-stress, it will make you much more mindful of what you eat for the rest of the day.  

Keep Your Servings Single (sized)

It’s so easy to have second and third helpings of your favorite foods. But keeping your portion sizes in check will also keep your calories (and guilt) in check. Have one fancy drink, one small plate of appetizers, one plate of the main course and one dessert. 

Treat, Nourish, Repeat

If you just can’t resist Grandma’s pecan pie with ice cream for dessert, skip the eggnog and have a glass of Rosé instead. Having a treat (or two) is expected. But alternating your treats with healthier foods can add nutrients and fiber that will help fill you up and help control your hunger. 

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t your last chance to enjoy the foods you love. So don’t feel like you have to squeeze it all into one, single day. As much as we all look forward to indulging, remember Thanksgiving is about so much more. Enjoy your loved ones and take time to genuinely express gratitude for the positive things in your life.