Turning your Healthy Resolutions into a Lifestyle


Bouncing back to reality after one holiday is challenging. But bouncing back after Thanksgiving plus Christmas plus New Year’s raises the challenge meter to a whole new level. We all know that eating better and exercising is good for us. And that’s usually enough to spark our motivation. But maintaining that motivation for the long haul is a completely different story. It’s easy to be motivated for a day or two, but how do you keep that motivation going week after week? These three tips will help you turn your healthy 2018 resolutions into a lifestyle.

Make Success Non-Negotiable

From the time we open our eyes to the time our heads hit our pillows, we’re forced to make choices: hit the snooze button or get that 30 minute workout in; healthy made-at-home breakfast or quick, not as healthy drive-thru breakfast. The average adult makes over 30,000 decisions every day. And most often, the final decision comes down to what’s available and what’s easiest. Do a short but intense morning workout instead of skipping your workout altogether. Try a baked ahead of time oatmeal you can cut, heat and take with you if needed. Keeping all of your options healthy and removing the opportunity to choose otherwise will reduce temptation and create consistency.

Put Your Money Where Your Goals Are

Putting a little money on the line may give you the incentive you need to follow through with your fitness goals, especially when your motivation wavers. And it’s not just the promise of the final financial reward that can help keep you on track. Research shows that the idea of losing money is an even bigger motivator. Instead of signing up for a free challenge that offers a big payout at the very end, try pre-paying for private fitness lessons. Having a regularly scheduled fitness ‘appointment’ will hold you accountable, keep you actively working toward your goals and when you think about missing your workout, you may just reconsider when you think about the money you’ll lose.

Sweat While You Socialize

Spending time with friends is a great way to have fun and de-stress. So why not mix fitness with friends? Plus, having a workout buddy (or two) can be a huge inspiration and intensity booster. The next time a friend wants to meet for lunch, dinner or even drinks, counter with a fitness invitation. Instead of spending time sitting on the phone, in a meeting or messaging back and forth, suggest catching up over a soul cycle or yoga class. Or try something completely new together like in-door skydiving. Socializing while you get your sweat on makes fitness more fun and helps you stay active while you hang out with friends.

Remember, making resolutions is the easy part. The real work begins when the initial motivation wears off. But you can turn those resolutions into a lifestyle by making consistent healthy choices, creating accountability and most importantly finding fun & unique ways to add exercise to your day. 

Photo by Cyril Saulnier on Unsplash