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Women often serve so many other people that they forget about ensuring the proper health of one of the most important people: themselves. Large populations of women live self-sabotaging lives because they fail to see the urgent necessity in taking good care of themselves. Women all over this country diligently educate themselves to serve their families better and to advance at their careers, but at the same time, ignore the need to get better when it comes to self-care. It’s time for women to educate themselves on personal health care issues and learn how to take optimal care of their bodies. A better, healthier you results in an overall better quality of life.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 50 percent of chronic disease in the U.S. can be prevented with better personal health care. In other words, more sickness comes from a lazy lifestyle than from cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, or any other disease. We have the power to minimize personal illnesses and ailments by learning about and applying better health care practices. Here are a few steps to get you started.

Educate yourself on women’s health issues – Read, read, read, and read reputable scholarly literature about health issues that apply to you. This means more than social media updates. Put in the time and effort to read books, attend workshops, and even take courses that relate to your health care needs. Find out what (if any) risk factors run in your family, and then get educated on the preventative measures.

Learn your body – Everyone’s body is different. Really study your body, and become an expert at how it functions. Learn what is normal for you, and take note when something abnormal takes place. Your body will let you know what it likes and what it doesn’t like. Listen to your body and respond to its signs of approval and warnings.

Employ good self-care practices – Learn and apply the best self-care practices for your body. Develop routines and practices that are perfect for you and your health care goals. Eat well. Rest well. Minimize stress. Laugh often. Pray. Enjoy the company of people who love you. Talk to your doctor—professional medical advice is a priority for wise women. Commit to visiting your medical professionals regularly, even when you feel fine. Always come prepared to take notes and to share in detail any concerns you may have. View your medical professionals as members of your “Better You” team, and see recommendations as a valuable part of your overall plan. Take their professional advice seriously.

Wise women know that a healthy body has a positive impact on every area of life. Studying women’s health issues, learning your body, and employing good self-care practices (which includes talking to your doctor) are major stepping stones to creating a lifestyle of great health. Begin to educate yourself today on ways to improve your health. Become a well-read woman and an expert in the area of your health and taking care of you.