7 Summer Tips for a Healthier Body & Spirit


The lure of the summer season is enticing. We look forward to sunny, warm days when we can take off our heavy clothing and wear bright colors. We look forward to spending more times outdoors. However, summer weather can be somewhat deceitful and as harmful as extremely cold winter weather. The two sets of tips below are designed to assist you in having the healthiest body and spirit during hot weather months. For a Healthy Body

1. Look like you’re staving off the paparazzi and sun rays by wearing a cute floppy hat with UPF 50+ and sunglasses that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection.

2. Do not forget sunscreen and choose one with no less than SPF 30. If you have a dermatologist, be sure to ask her or him for suggested brands and a recommendation of SPF number for your specific skin type and medical history. (You need SPF for your entire body.)

3. If you run or do calisthenics, adjust to an early morning routine to avoid heat exhaustion. There are some activities you can do indoors in air conditioning like swim or water aerobics, which are great for evening exercise. You just want to avoid over-exertion in the sun, which can cause heat stroke.

4. Take advantage of summer fruit and veggies and eat them raw. Use them to make exotic salads. Eating clean and healthy affects your sense of well-being but it also makes a body look good.

For a Healthy Spirit

5. Don’t begin your days in a rush to get up and out. Set your alarm 30 minutes to an hour early, so you can rise and sit while listening to your own thoughts. 6. Set aside time in the evening to decompress and eliminate stress. Sit out on the porch and enjoy the stars in the sky. Make meditation a habit. The point is for you to enjoy simple pleasures in order to feel good. 7. Savor every second of the sunlight and clear skies. Return to some of those special things you did as a child like watch cloud formations and listening to the birds sing. Don’t let life and beautiful weather fly past your senses. Enjoy both.