Blooming with Homegrown Veggies: The Benefits

Vegetable gardening is not just for farmers. You can grow vegetables in almost any type of space, including condos and apartments, and even indoors all year long. This is the beginning of a series, and the best place to start is to share the benefits of growing your own veggies. 402a9dd29419fda9e6bb79e39f76f73aThe first and important benefit is you can grow as much as you want. The excess can be frozen or given away. You can even co-op your garden with others you’ve encouraged to grow their own, and trade vegetables.

Homegrown vegetables and herbs can be plucked straight from the garden or pot, washed and prepared for meals. They are fresh, free of chemicals, and they last longer than the store-bought vegetables.

Another great benefit is getting exercise from stooping and bending. Weight Watchers and other resources online provide a few how-tos on getting the most out of gardening as a form of exercise.

In addition, gardens provide a contemplative space to look at the vegetables and plants as you pray, meditate or read a good book.

Next week, we will discuss gardening in small spaces.

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