Cool Like That!

Quick Tips to Stay Healthy, Keep Cool and Looking Hot 

From melting make-up to pasty pits, when it comes to feeling smoking hot in the heat of summer, a minimalist approach is key.

Here are four ways to get your glow on without burning up.

Kick Up the Cotton: Nothing says cool like an airy cotton tunic or sundress. Cotton, an all-natural fiber, forms airy loops when knitted together, making it the perfect summer thread to wear. Don’t forget that cotton can shrink, so save energy by skipping the dryer and taking the extra time to dry those beautiful garments in the fresh sunshine.

Wet Your Whistle: There is no better way to stay cool and look hot while doing it than drinking water. Water is a miracle cure for so many health issues. From dehydration to bloating to flushing toxins, water is the fountain of youth. The recommended amount is eight glasses a day, but if plain H2O seems a bore, kick it up a notch. Add in fresh summer fruits and veggies. Dice up fresh strawberries, toss in tart blueberries or crisp, sliced cucumber and lemon. Keep a prepared pitcher of it in the fridge for easy drinking.

Pamper Your Pores: Those precious pores can take a serious pounding during the summer. Keep your skin free from debris by nurturing it with natural, UV blocking products. Beauty Counter brand is a great place to start. Their best-selling Protect All Over Sunscreen is lightweight, water-resistant and made with nano-zinc oxide that blends seamlessly into skin. Why is zinc so important? Unlike chemical sunscreen, where the UV rays are actually absorbed by the skin and then neutralized once under, natural sunscreens contain minerals like zinc that act as an actual shield against harmful rays. What really makes Beauty Counter’s sunscreen stand out is the green tea and blood orange extracts that aid in battling free radicals. Don’t just stop at sunscreen. The Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer is another practical way to protect skin. With an SPF of 20, skin gets protected while being pampered with natural ingredients like peony flower root extract and black currant.

Catch Up On Your Collagen: Collagen is the most plentiful protein in our bodies. From muscles to bones to skin, it works as a serious aid in providing elasticity and strength. Which is why including collagen peptides in your diet is crucial, especially in the summer. These long-chain amino acids deliver hydration to the skin while stifling UV-induced skin damage. Collagen also helps with digestion by holding water in the intestines to keep things running smoothly and thus, no extra bloat! Best of all, collagen works to provide faster recovery time from all that extra summer activity by building bone strength, improving flexibility and soothing achy muscles and joints. Not sure which brand to start with? Try Further Food. Grass-fed and non-GMO, its collagen is top-notch in both quality and effectiveness. Further Food believes food is medicine. All its collagen come from South American pasture-raised bovine hide with no added fillers or ingredients. The collagen is flavorless. Simply add to your favorite summertime smoothie or protein shake, and let the little powder perform its magical powers. Bonus: Want a discount on your first purchase of Further Food collagen? Click Here!

(from the summer print/digital issue of Hope for Women)