Fill 'er Up


It can create smoother, hydrated skin. It can boost energy. It can help you lose weight. Is there a new miracle beauty product on the market? Well, not exactly.  I did not fully realize its benefits until that Sunday afternoon in the emergency room. It was a medical issue of sorts. It can be described in one word: dehydration. Talk about feeling silly. After all, dehydration is preventable. It sounds simple. Just drink more water, right? For those who are not big water consumers, this is challenging. Lying on the stiff table and preparing to have an IV, the word “cold” would soon have new meaning for me. The afternoon slowly drifted away as the IV dripped freezing water through my veins. Fortunately, one nurse brought a blanket for the instant warmth I craved. I thought it would help. But, I was wrong. My veins felt chilled to the bone. To think, a few hours earlier, I peacefully sat in church. Lying there, staring at the drab, yellow walls, I mentally scolded myself. How did I allow this to happen? No wonder I was awakening with headaches. Dehydration does that.  It can also play a major role in developing migraine headaches. Long periods of dehydration can impair brain function. I will never forget the nurse's parting remarks to me as the IV came out. He said, “It was like filling up a tank. You just needed so much water.” I never knew until that day just how serious dehydration could be.

Adults lose nearly six pints, or 12 cups, of water daily – water that is lost in perspiration, urine and even through the soles of our feet.  As a result, our bodies require approximately two and a half quarts of water daily.

Drink a glass or two before each meal and you will feel more full, which can lead to consuming fewer calories. Drink a cup of warm water with lemon to aid in digestion. Dry skin will also improve.  After my emergency room experience, I began to think of water as a valued “cosmetic” for weight loss and skin care.

Your man may like you to look skinny like a bean pole, while you wish to celebrate some curves. Create the figure that is best for you to control and maintain. Your man may be “playful”- often squeezing that familiar, small fatty area on the abdomen. While doing it, he may wink or give a little nudge. His behavior may seem casual and innocent as he coaxes you to lose weight. Unfortunately, no one can take that first step for you. He can sure stand by and be your biggest cheerleader though. You’re going to need it.

So, grab that water bottle (the ones with filters are neat) and shape yourbody! You reach your goals if you keep them realistic. Be sure to celebrate the small successes – the invisible ones that cannot be measured in pounds! Celebrate the days with less pain, more energy and vigor, less depression and more flexibility. Eventually, you’ll see the world in a different way – through a healthy or thinner girl's eyes. Make that a hydrated, healthy, thinner girl's eyes!