Five Foods To Keep You Calm, Cool And Collected

Maintaining balance in the midst of the frenzied schedules of fall can be a real challenge. From fatigue to anxiety, poor sleep to poor nutrition, often times our bodies suffer the most. If getting lost in the craziness of life's demands this time of year has you down, fear not. The food you eat can play an integral roll in keeping your stress down and your spirits high. By incorporating these five foods into your daily eating routine, you will support your stress and aid your body in keeping strong and calm.


Avocados are full of potassium, an important mineral known for its ability to lower blood pressure. Think this food is just for making guacamole? Think again. Try spreading some really ripe avocado on a slice of whole grain toast in the morning for a delicious and energy boosting breakfast.Get creative and use it as a mashed topping for sandwiches, baked sweet potato or in the center of a turkey roll up.


Studies have proven that a cup of tea can really do wonders for your nervous system. Types like peppermint tea, whose menthol acts as a natural muscle relaxant and chamomile, which is known for its ability to help insomnia can be useful aids in managing stress. Ginger is another tea that works wonders on poor digestion, often a result of too much anxiety. Sipping a couple of cups before bed time can both help reduce stress and increase a consistent night's rest.

Dark Chocolate:

Eating at least dark chocolate can lower your stress hormones, according to research. Having a minimum of 72% also aids as an antioxidant boost. Chocolate is also packed with  carbohydrates, the body's energy source which release the mood-boosting chemical, serotonin. Too much sugar can also cause a crash in the nervous system, so be mindful and keep portions to one to two squares a day.


Dark, leafy greens like spinach are chock full of an essential vitamin, magnesium. Magnesium aids in everything from blood sugar control to nerve function to energy metabolism. It is a vital nutrient in helping our bodies stay in tip-top shape. Just one cup of spinach has a whopping 157 milligrams of magnesium. The recommendation for women is around 310 milligrams. By enjoying a salad for lunch filled with two cups of spinach, you will be meeting your daily recommendation and helping your body to stay calm and relaxed in the process.


The Omega -3 fats found in salmon are both heart healthy and aid in keeping adrenaline stable. When adrenaline isn't spiking throughout the day, the body is able to digest food better, metabolize calories, and properly balance hormone function, keeping you as cool as a cucumber and as happy as a clam.


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