Summer Health-Esteem


Typically when people think of summer, they are thinking of outward appearance instead of internal. They are concerned about how others will judge them based on how they look. Time to stop the madness! Have you ever given thought to how your body reacts to taking drastic action just to please others?

To kick off your internal summer health-esteem, know the following:

  1. Your outer appearance may change from time to time based on age, eating style and other external factors. But, who you are on the inside speaks to your authenticity. Your character and personality don’t change based on the seasons in a year.
  2. A very healthy practice you can start during summer, if you haven’t already, is to take 20 minutes at the beginning of your day and meditate. Don’t fall asleep. In the beginning, you may because you are not used to being still. Keep at it and watch the benefits.
  3. A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered life. Have you ever thought what a cluttered house can do? Decrease productivity, mobility, add stress and decrease creativity. Nothing is getting and everything is piling up. Take this opportunity to declutter and have a garage sale. If you have a storage unit you are paying on monthly, how many of those items you are not using could benefit someone else? Let the fun begin.
  4. Take a local yoga class or do yoga at home. You can get videos at your local library, online or even on a local television station. Yoga has long-lasting health benefits from breathing, flexibility and even stress relief.
  5. Indulge in your hobby. You will improve your mood by doing something you enjoy. If your hobby is popular, check and see if there are competitions you could participate in. Imagine how you would feel if you won.

Summer health-esteem doesn’t have to be about getting the tan, fitting into that bathing suit and losing weight. Focusing on your inside and ensuring it is golden will make your outer appearance golden.