Benefits of De-Stressing

 Taking time for yourself can enhance your overall well-being When’s the last time you took a day or even an hour for yourself? With all of the daily demands placed on you, how are you keeping yourself from going into overload? Women are constantly on the move. Between being a wife, mom, career woman, sister, friend, housekeeper and chef, taking a break can seem impossible. Many women don’t take time for themselves because they’re simply too busy. We are consumed by our responsibilities. We may even feel we are not doing enough, so we do even more. The truth is there are a lot of things in our life that aren’t necessary or urgent.

Take a moment today and write down your daily tasks. Put a star next to those you have to do, and cross out those that are not high priority or that someone else can handle. Now write in “self-care time” in one of those crossed-out spots. You may not be able to escape life’s responsibilities for a weekend away with friends, but you can set aside a few moments to unwind and take a break. When you plan out your week, be determined to add in at least an hour for yourself.

When I discussed this topic with friends, some immediately said, “I wouldn’t know what to do for self-care.” Although the phrase “self-care” sounds complicated, it plainly means doing something that makes you happy. Enjoying simple things like having a cup of tea in the yard, taking a walk, getting a manicure/pedicure and taking a nap can help relieve stress and bring your focus back to your own wellness. If you’re not at your best, how can you take care of those who depend on you?

As you start placing importance on self-care, you will notice your stress levels drop. Less stress can lead to positive benefits on your body as a whole and, in turn, positively affect any medical conditions you may have, like helping lower blood pressure and decreasing constant migraines.

Make today your day of change. Make yourself a priority in your life. When you live a balanced lifestyle where attention is evenly distributed between life and yourself, you will start feeling happier and more energized. Not only will you reap the benefits, but your family will as well.

WellnessBetsy ChackoComment