Dollar Store Health & Wellness

dollar-store-services-4It is always nice to have the budget to pay top dollar for our health and wellness aides. However, it is not always necessary. If you have a crisp ten dollar bill and want to have some fun, then visit your local dollar store to find affordable items to enhance your fitness goals as well as take care of your health needs. For example, the toy section is ripe for finding items like paddle ball sets (great for shoulders and arms), inexpensive jump ropes, flying discs, and balls in almost every size. Purchase hula hoops in varying sizes to use for arm, leg and waist exercises.

Do you have a home or car first aid kit? If not, stroll down the first aid aisle of your local dollar store to purchase cotton, cotton gauze, paper tape, elastic bandages as well as bandages for sores, peroxide and other items to create a kit.

The bath and body section is filled with staples for the home and that assist with wellness. You can buy hand sanitizer, wet wipes, hand soap, cotton wash cloths and towels that can be used for messier tasks or for washing your hair and you can find Epsom salts.

Other items found more affordably at the dollar store are spray bottles of all types from the cute plastic kind to the larger heavier plastic kind for household chores. Depending on the items your store carries, you can also find quality spices, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Taking care of your home and your body does not have to cost a lot. Yes, there are some items you don’t want to purchase on the cheap, but there are many you can buy at a dollar store that are budget-friendly.