Fall into A Healthy Routine

A Smart Guide for Preparing for the New School Year

Summer is notorious for putting a cramp in our routines. The days are long, the nights are warm and for most, vacation mode is officially on. Once August starts to roll in, all that changes. Suddenly, it's a mad scramble to get everything in order for the impending school year. Keep calm and carry on with these four simple strategies that will have you falling into a healthy routine before fall even hits.

Learn the art of lists.

With the start of school comes the start of a busy schedule. Get a hold on all those commitments by keeping your to-do's in an organized list. Writing things down in the form of a list helps keep it in the fore-front of your mind, clarifies other things we may have otherwise forgotten to take care of and reduces stress by having a visual aid of all that needs to accomplished.

Slip in some sleep.

Sleep is the number one element for reducing stress and increasing productivity. When our systems don’t get enough rest, they shut down. In response, we can experience weight-gain, increased anxiety and total brain-fog. If parties, picnics and playtime have been stealing those extra ZZZZ's then now is the perfect time to begin to recoup. The number of hours you sleep isn't the only factor. Scheduling your sleep according to whatever is the normal routine for the school year is also important. Ideally, it's best to begin re-training your sleep cycle the two weeks prior to the start of the school year. This way, you avoid the pit falls of a groggy start, keeping you a step ahead when that 6 a.m. alarm starts buzzing in your ear.

Make a morning routine.

For most of us, the morning is madness up until we dash out the door. Getting our bodies ready before we have worked on our minds is never a good idea. The mind needs to have a bit of focus placed on it every morning in order to be aligned with what we have going on for the day. Studies have shown that people who take even three to five minutes each morning to check in with themselves, acknowledge their blessings and pray for guidance through the day ahead suffer from less depression and anxiety, have more energy and mental clarity and are more productive in both the work and home settings. Set a reminder in your phone or write one down somewhere close in view to help keep this practice going every day until it becomes just as natural as waking.

Eat for energy.

Ever forget to eat because you're just too busy? Stress and a stuffed schedule can be a recipe for food forgetfulness! Food is essential to our wellbeing. Making munching easy is the best plan for staying satisfied. Stay away from processed foods that are low in nutrition and are notorious for causing a crash in blood sugar and energy levels. Take care of yourself by keeping fresh foods easily available. Start with a package of unsalted, raw nuts in your car for busy moments on-the-go. Fresh fruit makes for a quick snack or light breakfast. Have an extra hour or so on Sunday? Plan to meal prep simple to grab snacks like sliced, fresh veggies, hard boiled eggs and turkey burgers with mini guacamole packs.