Improve Your Wellness, Improve Indoor Air Quality

open windowWe spend about 90% of our time indoors, so it is important to monitor indoor air-quality. Here are a few tips to insure cleaner air in your home. Clean air filters

If you own your home, then cleaning and/or changing air filters is a part of your home’s regular maintenance plan. Filters trapped with debris, allergens and germs are illness magnets. Clean them and replace them often. Hire a professional to clean your ducts.

If you live in an apartment, ask your maintenance staff about changing filters and cleaning air ducts.

Buy houseplants

Clean-air plants such as English ivy, Snake Plant, and Golden Pothos are great for eliminating toxins in the air and improving the oxygen we breathe. If you have house pets, be mindful not to purchase the poisonous variety of any of these plants. [This Old House offers this great list of clean-air plants.]

Swap out toxic cleaning agents

There are more than enough brands of air-friendly and environmentally safe cleaning products that clean as good as the pine or lemon-scented cleaners.

Open the windows

Unless the weather is unbearable, there is nothing like fresh air and a summer breeze. Take advantage of both to air out your home as often as possible.

Control mold growth

The easiest way to clean indoor air is to control the moisture year-round. Place dehumidifiers in the parts of your home prone to moisture from condensation.

Lastly, if it is in your budget, then purchase an air purifier. AirPurifiers America has a list of the top 10 air purifiers for home use.

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