Refocus By Reprioritizing

Personal revival starts when you set things in orderWhen things are pretty hectic in your life, what do you do? Do you schedule a massage or pedicure? Do you plan a weekend getaway? Or do you just scream? When the demands of life get too overwhelming, that’s when it’s time to break out a fresh sheet of paper, clear the dry erase board, and start over by refocusing and reprioritizing. Sometimes you simply have to start over with a brand-new layout. It’s like hitting the reset button on you. A great way to begin the process is through prayer. Psalm 37:5 says, “Commit everything you do to the Lord, trust him and he will help you.” (NLT) So after you’ve spent some quiet time with the Lord, refocus and start jotting down the new things you can do to reprioritize your life.

A big part of reprioritizing is realizing where you are at the moment. Take time to assess what’s working and what’s not working. Ask yourself the tough questions: What needs better structure in my life? What do I need to change? What do I need to let go? What do I need to focus on in this season? These are all self-examination questions. They will help you to realize more concretely where you are and then, how to attack your plan successfully.

Also, take note of your daily load. Do you have too much on your plate? You may need to start taking some things off. If you’re juggling too many balls, you may need to put a few down. Usually, when taking on too much, unnecessary mistakes can occur. You are only one person. Make sure you’re not taking on more than you can chew. Remember, it’s all about refocusing by reprioritizing so you can get things done without the added stress.

It’s totally okay to revamp and place things in proper order. Actually, when you do this, you’re revitalizing your life one step at a time. No more mismanaging your time or overloading your schedule. No more beating yourself up because you messed up or didn’t cross everything off your to-do list. Instead, renew your mind, keep pressing forward, and let God revive you by refocusing and reprioritizing things in your life. Then, at the end of the day, you’ll be screaming, “Success!”