Rest and Reboot Your Health

Taking care of yourself does not always have to costs you money. It doesn’t require medication after medication after medication. People have been missing out on some of the most joyful and simple things in life. This could be because we have been so programmed to think every time we feel pain, tired or can’t describe what it is but we know something is wrong, we run to the doctor for some unknown medication. Better yet, people get on social media to have a stranger diagnose them.

Time to rest and reboot. The following are no cost, life-improving strategies you can implement into your daily routine:

  1. Laughter is the best medicine. Did you know that laughter reduces stress? When you are laughing, you forget about the arguments or how someone made you mad. Sometimes, you laugh so much it makes you cry happy tears. Laughter can leave your body relaxed for almost an hour.
  2. Laughter reduces high blood pressure. This goes back to when you are laughing and the stress hormones which thereby lower the blood pressure. Pull up your favorite comedian on YouTube and start laughing.
  3. According to an article in Psychology Today, some Japanese researchers discovered that laughing in the evening leads to the body producing more melatonin. If you can’t sleep, find a compilation of funny animal videos or find America’s Funniest Home Videos on television.
  4. Have you ever realized when you laugh a lot, you are more productive? Laughter can also boost your creativity. This makes me think of how often our son laughs while working throughout the day on his computer. This kid is a serious writer.
  5. Here’s a way to rest and reboot that you may not have ever considered: breathing. Have you ever taken the time to stop for 15 minutes, get quiet and listen to yourself breathe? Breathe in and breathe out. Do you know that once you breathe in and breathe out, you cannot get that breath back? Each breath is life-giving. When you truly focus on listening to how you breathe, you will quiet your mind. This in itself can help you feel refreshed, and you can begin the next task without feeling overwhelmed.

Rest and reboot your health in ways that are not the norm. Whether it is eating fruits and vegetables, sitting outside, reading a book, breathing, laughing or taking a walk with your pet, kids or even alone, begin today.