Wellness Begins with Taking off Some of Your Hats

2508005As a registered dietitian, I have come across so many women who wear many hats. I am sure my mother’s generation wore many hats too. But, as a child, I didn’t see it that way. I thought it was the process of being a woman, mother, wife and head of a ministry at church. Now, that I am older, I see wearing many hats as something far more complicated. I have to wonder if the women of my mother’s generation ever contemplated their own happiness and achieving balance in their lives. Maybe they thought it was part of being a woman and just suffered in silence. Look at the example they set for us.

We’re drowning in our busyness. We say “yes” too much and “no” infrequently. We say “no” to the things that can help us, and “yes” to the things that stress us out, harm our bodies, and make us tired.

The women who come to me for diet, fitness, and nutrition advice also complain about how busy their lives are. They take their children to and from school, run a lot of errands, cook, clean the house, work and make sure their families have clean clothes and are healthy. Yet, they are malnourished (you can be thin and overweight and be malnourished), overwhelmed, and neglected.

I have interviewed several women on Finding Joy and Balance for a 9-Day Tele-Summit beginning this week. The answer that came up in our conversations several times was the need to learn to say “no.” We have to develop a NO zone and stick to it. Saying no means it wasn’t on your agenda and their emergency is not your emergency. And saying no will not make you less of a person.

Let’s face it, women, whether you are single or married we wear many hats, sometimes by choice and other times, not by our choice. But, there is one choice that remains and that is to choose to take care of you by taking off some of those hats, learning to say no, and by saying yes to what is good for you.

One book I highly recommend is Dr. Natalie Francisco’s A Woman’s Journal for Joyful Living.

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