Toni Braxton finds hope and healing through the release of her new memoir

tonibmemoirSupporters, fans and music lovers alike are excited about the recent and highly anticipated release of Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir by Toni Braxton. Braxton is unapologetically honest in revealing the intimate details of her life; from being raised in a strict Christian home to abortion and bankruptcy to her Lupus diagnosis; it appears she leaves nothing on the table.

Clearly Braxton’s public life is foreign and unrelatable to most women, but her private struggles are emphatically common threads woven in the lives of every woman everywhere. Her life is played on a stage much larger than many women could ever imagine, but the themes, roles and parts all ring true and remain the same.

The award-winning singer definitely divulges secrets, but seemingly uses the book as a tool to formally release herself from years of guilt, shame, heartache and pain, most of which she admits she kept suppressed, but overwhelmingly she boldly declares she is no longer enslaved to the idea of living life for others. In Braxton’s own words, she says, “I’ve sacrificed lot of who I am to make the people around me happy. No longer…that chapter is permanently closed.”

Obviously Mrs. Braxton is headed down a bright road of healing and hope. And we here at HOPE Magazine will be the first to congratulate and champion her courage to take control of her destiny.