Good for the Soul


New multicultural devotional offers inspirational stories from women of all backgrounds

Presidential adviser Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook’s newest release, Soul Sisters: Devotions for and from African American, Latina and Asian Women has been a long time coming.

“This book is four years in the making,” said Cook, who is a candidate for Congress in New York’s 13th Congressional District. “This is a way for us to connect with each other. The sharing of our stories is where power and true freedom come from.”

Cook decided to write Soul Sisters after having success with a similar devotional.

“I wrote Sister to Sister twenty years ago and it was so successful,” Cook said of her first devotional. “My circle has expanded since then.”

The devotions in Soul Sisters cover many of the challenges women face today, including raising a family, finding and keeping a steady job in a turbulent economic climate, and everyday personal struggles. The devotional includes inspirational stories from women from a variety of backgrounds, along with Bible verses, motivational prompts and encouragement.

Cook hopes the book, like the positions she’s held in government, will bless women and help them move forward.

“I want my soul to be God’s presence in government,” she said. She wants other women to make their presence known as well.

“In Deuteronomy, it says to choose life or death. I say choose life. Close chapters. Find the soul solutions to move forward. Form destiny circles and surround yourself with people who uplift you. In the book, you will find transparency—no frills,” she said. “I’m ready for this book to touch the world.”