5 Personal Summer Retreat Ideas


Hot tips on how to take care you this season

It’s official! The summer heat wave is on, and it’s hot! Yet, in spite of this steamy reality, beaches are full of families and sea shells, amusement parks are packed with screams from thrills, and alarm clocks are going off all over the world to alert those who have planned vacations. This is quite naturally how most summers go. However, have you ever thought about taking an additional vacay for a personal retreat?

Think about it for a moment. Planning a personal getaway to get refreshed before the summer ends could be totally revitalizing. It could also be life-changing! Whether you are a wife, mom, or single woman, considering taking a personalized weekend retreat would help you unplug and unwind before going back to the daily grind. So what are you waiting for? Grab ahold of these 5 personal summer retreat ideas:

  1. Book a nice resort in your area (or fly out if you have the extra finances) and take advantage of all of the amenities.
  2. Rent a log cabin and enjoy the serene atmosphere by the lake and early morning sunrise over a hot cup of coffee or tea.
  3. Make a reservation for a nearby hotel, and bring your Bible, a few books, journal, and let the pen flow to write out your thoughts and fresh revelation, as you enjoy each morning with devotion and prayer time alone with God. In the Bible, Luke 5:15 says, “But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.”
  4. Plan your weekend getaway that includes dinner to new restaurants (or room service), pampering packaged with a facial, full body massage, and pedicure. And don’t forget sightseeing, museums, shops, and long evening strolls.
  5. Grab a map, put it on the wall and throw a dart and wherever it lands, is where you plan your personal retreat. It can be as simple as creating your own map of a variety of nearby places or a U.S. map. Either way, have fun with it and go!

These are simply a few tips that will help rejuvenate you during these summer months. Even though it may be hot and spicy weather, you can still find ways to cool off in your soul and spirit through a personal retreat. Enjoy this season in a fresh new way this year! Do something different. Plan that next getaway for you