A Legacy Worth Remembering


Take the Steps

What kind of legacy will you leave behind? It’s something we all tend to think about from time to time. You are given one life. You get to live it any which way you please. Whether you are young, middle-aged or older, this is the perfect time to evaluate where you are now. Have you taken any steps towards your legacy? Although leaving your loved ones something monetary is thoughtful, there is so much more to it than that.

If you have children, how are they learning from you? Do you have a dream you have been contemplating? Remember that children pay attention to their role models. When they are trying to decide whether to try something new, they will remember what you did or didn’t do. It’s important for them to see you finish what you started. Doing this also demonstrates you are focused and committed on the end result.

What life lessons do you wish to pass down to your loved ones? What is a takeaway from a snippet of your life? Think of it as being able to capture a glimpse into a period of time most important to you. Everyone has her share of Polaroid moments. If you had a choice to view one particular day, week or month, would you? Think about those times you learned something vital that you can pass on to someone else.

Maybe you are more hands-on and have a particular talent you can pass on to someone you love. Do the things that will inspire others – the things that can never be forgotten and will always be remembered about you. Maybe you are passionate about canning fruit or vegetables. If so then teach your loved ones the process. Nothing is worse than regretting not taking the time to show the people you love how to do something.

Think about the things passed on to you by your own family members. Revisit what you used to do as a kid. What do you remember about your loved ones that left you their legacy? By remembering what others have left you with, it will help determine what you want to leave behind.

Practice being a listener. Take that bike ride with your child even if your to-do list is waiting. Mail that letter to a special friend. People will remember you for being that one person who stood out above all others. How will you end up being remembered? As the person who was enjoying life and passing it on or the person who would say they would show you one of these days?