A Time of Refreshing


January is the perfect time for personal reflection and renewal—a time for a fresh start. I challenge you to use this month to take personal inventory. Your inventory must go deeper than your bank account, salary, and public acceptance rate. Instead, you should examine the sum total of who you are at your core and measure it against who you want to become.

Ask yourself these questions: • How have you grown? • How are your relationships? • How is your relationship with God? • What are you doing to become the best version of yourself? You can answer these questions by talking to others, but the best and most authentic answers will come from you—from you really being in touch with who you are.

Apart from social media trends, and apart from the expectations of other, who are you? How do you define the real you? It is easy for a woman who is unsure of herself to get lost in information overload and label herself as something she is not. For this reason, it is vital for you to set aside time to become an expert on you.

Some of you may think that you’re already there—you’re already an expert on you and already have clarity on your life’s purpose. That is wonderful; however, you are constantly changing and constantly growing. Therefore, you must take constant probes into the depths of who you are. You deserve to be an expert on you. There is a long list of things you can study about yourself.

The following is a good place to start.• What is your anchor in life? • What is your passion? • What are your personal goals? • What are you professional goals? • What are your physical goals (health and wellness)? • What are your social goals? • Where is your place of peace? • Who is on your team? • What are your strengths and weaknesses? • What is your motivation? • What throws you off of your game? • What do you like about you? • How do you reward and pamper yourself? • What is your plan to win this year? • What is the ONE thing about you that needs the most improvement (discipline, time management, work ethic, setting boundaries)?

Discover who you are in this season by establishing a period of time (I recommend a full month) to focus on who you are and the person you want to become. I guarantee that you’ll be surprised by some of the things you discover. You’ll be happier, more focused and glad that you made the investment. Start today!