Attitude of Gratitude 5 Healthy Habits for Giving Daily Thanks


Gratitude is the essence of living a full and happy life. When we are thankful for our lives and blessings, we feel more fulfilled. It’s one of the simplest shifts in life to make; yet it can be the hardest feeling to hold on to. Just like anything else, it takes practice. Here are five healthy habits you can use to remind yourself to express gratitude for your life.


Quiet moments with self are the foundation of gratitude. Start each day with at least 5 -15 minutes of complete silence and stillness. Wake up before the family if this is the only way you can get any peace and quiet. You will be amazed at the inspirations and revelations that come to mind when you just sit still and breathe. Just be. Guided meditation apps can also be used to help us quiet our mind.


Write down your daily intentions in the morning. This is a great exercise to do directly after meditation. What do you intend to do and feel today? How do you want your day to go? If you write out a positive blueprint for your day, it just might play out exactly like you envision. How glorious! At the end of your day, write down what you feel thankful for. Write what you feel blessed with in your life. These two morning and evening entries can be short paragraphs. Brevity doesn’t mean it isn’t meaningful.

Pretty Penny

We all find a penny from time to time. I like to think of a penny as a physical reminder to be grateful. Every time I find a penny, I keep it in a special place in my purse. At the end of the day, I clean out my purse and I take that penny and I place it in my “Gratitude Jar.” As I place my penny in the jar, I think of one thing that I am grateful for. Your physical reminder can be anything you like. Perhaps it’s a magnificent sunset or preparing your children’s lunches that allows you to take a second and send your thankfulness out into the universe. Finding that thing to prompt us to stop and give thanks is a truly special gift. What can your “Pretty Penny” be?

Breathe Deep

How lucky most of us are to not have to think about our oxygen intake on a daily basis. If you are blessed with good health, your fabulous body does most of the work for you. What a magical bodily system we have! However, most of us aren’t really breathing deeply enough. Most of us are shallow breathers, filling only our lungs. Stress is a huge factor in shallow breathing, of which we all have our fair share. Once daily, take at least two minutes to really breathe. Breathe from your diaphragm, which is right above your belly. Fill your belly with air, hold it, and slowly let it out. As you do this, think of the positive things in your life. You will instantly feel calmer, more grounded, and the positive thought attached to this exercise just might stay with you! This is a great stress reliever when your brain feels overloaded. Step away, take some time, and breathe easy, baby!

Good in, Bad out.

Hold on to the good things and discard the bad. As you focus more on the good things in your life, you will feel better. If you hear yourself start to say, “I don’t like it when…” stop and re-frame it. Don’t focus on what you don’t like or don’t want. Instead say out loud what you do like and what you do want. As you emit a more positive energy, your frequency will bring more good things your way. When we feel good, more good comes to us. Isn’t this so? So choose to feel good! Bad be gone!