Call Me Dreamer


Can you remember the last time you had a dream or deep desire for something? Did you go after that dream or let it fall by the wayside as life took over? Too many people leave their dreams behind and lose the drive to pursue them.

I have always been a dreamer. That does not mean I live in a fantasy world, but instead I’m always looking for ways to improve myself and do something new. So many times I’ve felt discouraged or felt like those dreams would never happen, but something inside me whispers to keep striving. If you have a dream that you have given up on or feel hopeless about, let me help you light that fire again. Here are some things I have learned along the way.

Dreams are placed in your heart from God.

I used to think I was crazy for some of the things I have dreamt of. Honestly the fact that I am writing inspirational articles for an empowering magazine is one of my dreams, and one that I thought was impossible. I was the person who could think of a thousand reasons why something I hoped for would never happen, until I realized where the desires in my heart came from. Our dreams are from God and given to us by Him for His purpose. Your dream to own a business, start a family or go back to school are all ideas placed inside of you from God. He wants us to be happy and live a fulfilling life. That includes reaching for the impossible and watching God work things out. If we acknowledge this fact and submit our desires to God, then our plans will succeed (Proverbs 16:3).

Don’t expect others to have your dream.

One of the things that discouraged me the most was when I would tell a friend or family member my dream and they would look at me like I was crazy. This is when I came to realize that my job wasn’t to get them to dream with me, but for me to start working towards accomplishing the desire. It is important that we don’t seek the approval of others around us regarding something God has asked us to do. This doesn’t mean we will be on our own with no help. God will place the right people at the right time to support and direct us, but we must remember not to put the power of the dream in the hands of someone else. Some people just won’t understand or support you because what you are hoping for belongs to you and not them. The dream is in your heart, not theirs.

Achieving your dreams won’t be easy.

Most of us have heard the saying: “Nothing in life comes easy.” This is 100 percent true. I’m sure we can think of something we’ve had to struggle for and how great it felt to achieve it. Sometimes the thing we want the most is the one that seems the hardest to attain. No matter what stage you are in regarding your dream, don’t give up. Continue to submit the desire to God and He will give you direction. Stand strong against discouraging thoughts and keep your goal in mind.

Keep the dream alive.

When hope seems lost, don’t let the dream go. Too many people are living unfulfilled lives because they felt drained hoping for something. If the dream in your heart is from God, then it is a promise that will come to pass. But the minute you choose to give up expectation and hope, then the fire that was once burning bright will blow out. A good way to keep focused is by making a vision board. Put your dream in the center and surround it with images of success (pictures, inspirational quotes, bible verses, etc.). When you feel discouraged look at the vision board to breathe life back into your dream.

Be bold with your dreams.

When we fear failure, we limit ourselves. But when we trust God to bring our desires to pass we have the freedom to dream big. Don’t set tiny, weak goals for yourself. Think of the biggest dream you have in your heart and go after it. Have confidence in your God-given abilities and talents. If you fail along the way, take it as lessons learned and jump back in with another plan. There is nothing we can’t achieve if we are willing to give it our all.

No matter how far your dreams may seem or how old you are, don’t give up on desires. With perseverance, determination and hard work anything is possible.