Celebrating the Motherless Mother’s Day


I lost my mother a few months after graduating college.  I had just accepted my first corporate job.  My mother and I were close.  What was supposed to be exciting news for me, was depressing for her.  Her “baby” was finally leaving the nest for good.  So you can imagine the devastation of coming home from shopping for her birthday gift and discovering she’d passed away.  Yes, it was tough.  Your mother is the closet heartbeat to your own.  I never thought that I would get to a place where Mother’s Day would bring joy and laughter instead of pain and grief.  So I want to encourage you.  It is possible, by God’s grace.  Here are a few ways to intentionally bring light into a motherless Mother’s Day.

1) Honest prayer

Spend quiet time with God in preparation for the day. Ask God to flood your mind and spirit with light, love and a covering.  If you prepare your spirit in advance depression and grief will not take hold over a particular day.

2) Avoid social media

It’s tempting to click on Facebook and watch all the Mother’s Day tributes but if you know taking in the images will be a blessing and curse, why take yourself through it? When you are less vulnerable you may handle and even enjoy those visual images but for now have a social media free day.

3) Do something to celebrate your mother

If she had a green thumb, buy a plant, watch one of her favorite movies or cook some of her favorite dishes.

4) Celebrate the mothers around you

Giving makes you good!  Surprise special mothers in your life with fresh flowers or a card. Let them know how great of a job they are doing as mothers.  Young or new mothers will especially appreciate the gesture.

5) Make a donation on behalf of your mother to a worthy cause

I attend Lakewood Church (Pastor Joel Osteen).  I was so proud to memorialize my parents on the Lakewood Wall of Champions.  I beam as I walk by this legacy on Sundays.

6) Fill your home with good energy

Play upbeat music and go on a cleaning spree. By the time you are done, the day may be over.

7) If you have children of your own, let them spoil you 

Make every moment count and do not cheat them of the opportunity to celebrate you. Life is for the living and every day is a blessing

Grief and loss take time and everyone processes emotions differently.   Find a way to move through them in a healthy way and soon you will be smiling and laughing at great memories.