Cleaning Out My Mind


Taking time to re-evaluate our goals.

The end of summer always seems to be the time we savor the most. We look back at what we have done and imagine all the things we wish we would have. It’s definitely bittersweet for most. Whether you had a relaxing time off or no time off at all, the closing of summer is good for us to do a mental cleaning. Just like we may be buying the kids new clothes for school and getting rid of the old, each of us should take some time to clean out our minds and reset.

We always hear about the importance of exercise for the body but the mind needs a regular workout, too. With the daily chaos of life our minds are the first to get cluttered and an unorganized mind leads to an unorganized life. So where we do we start?

Get into a quiet place. You definitely have to get away from the noise and find a relaxing environment. Many of us find it easier to think about others than ourselves, so getting away from everyone and everything – even if it’s just for a few minutes – forces us to focus on our needs.

Write down all the goals running through your mind, i.e., buy a new car, paint the living room, apply to grad school, etc.

Circle the things you have been procrastinating but really want to accomplish. Cross off things that aren't a priority anymore.

Make a new list and write down all that you circled in order of importance. Next to each item jot down some ways to get it started and set a timeline. You want to set a realistic deadline for when you can hold yourself accountable to reach that goal.

Put this list in your wallet or on your bedroom mirror, somewhere you look often, so that you are reminded of where you want to be headed.

You may find your mind is taken up by a lot, but only a few of those thoughts are actually things you really care about. Once you have gotten rid of the old, you have made space for new ideas and dreams. Naturally something you desired in your 20s may not be what you want in your 30s, so re-evaluating yourself and your dreams helps you bring the focus to what is attainable. And once you start taking steps towards your goals and seeing success coming closer, you will feel a new fire to not give up and achieve your dreams.

Think of your mind as a container. You don’t want the container to be full to the brim, because then it will overflow and not benefit anyone. Having too much can cause confusion, which often leads to indecisiveness. The same way you don't want the container to be empty. Fill your container with things that encourage you and bring you happiness. Yes, summer may have come to an end, but every day is a new beginning. Let today be the start of your journey towards reaching and accomplishing those forgotten goals.