Dream Big, Really Big!


I remember years ago when I thought the highest peak of my career would be a position at the Veteran’s Administration. They would be the top company to work for in my field. For a time, this was my highest vision for my professional life. This would be it. I never dreamed of owning my own private practice providing counseling services like other professionals do. This was because the thought of owning my own business scared and overwhelmed me. It seemed easier to work for someone else’s company with a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule, five days a week, every weekend off, paid vacation, medical insurance and other valuable benefits.

Time passed and I drew closer to God who revealed to me that He had more for my life. There were things He specifically planned for me to do that no one else could do. Become an author. Become a blogger. Become an inspirational and transformational speaker. Who knew? God knew!

I started to give myself permission to dream bigger, to believe I could be and have more. I was still scared and feeling overwhelmed about owning something, about being responsible for its innovation and sustenance. What if I failed? What if I didn’t grow? How would I know what to do or where to start? My mind was filled with these negative questions. But, God gave me the answers. He would be and provide everything I needed to succeed. He let me know that He wouldn’t plant dreams in my heart and not equip me to complete them to their absolute best.

Once I allowed God’s vision and power to take root in my heart, my confidence grew. All my fear and doubt didn’t go away. I just moved forward with them present and eventually their power became less. I wrote two books. Launched my blog. I pursued business ownership. In 2016, I named my company Inspire.Encourage.Equip.®, LLC.

I am allowing myself to dream big – sooooooo big that it scares me but excites me more. Now I believe in the impossible. I believe I can do extraordinary things. I’m not an ordinary woman. God has placed many dreams in my heart, ones that have been accomplished and others that will be accomplished in the near future.

Give yourself permission to dream big, really big, even if the dreams scare you. Dream bigger than what your mother, father, grade school teacher or employer expected you to do.  Do what they say you couldn’t do. Do what they said you could do. You’re not an ordinary woman. Serve the world with the best of what is inside your heart. Unlock hidden dreams. Yes, the ones you’ve kept hidden because you thought they were impossible to achieve. The ones about which you’re not sure how, who and when. Envision new dreams. Make them come true. For the first time in my life, my dreams are bigger than my fears.