Only Dream Catchers Win: 5 Rules that will help make it happen!

shutterstock_117780259Some dreams can feel as though they are miles away from your reality. When you look at your circumstances – your finances or maybe your age – you may think your dream is out of reach. What if I told you your dream is attainable and you can actually be in that place where you are the boss? Would you believe me? You still have a great destiny before you, and you have plenty of time to make your dreams come true. So don’t be afraid to embark on this journey where your main focus is to catch each and every dream. You owe it to your legacy.

The first rule of making your dreams come alive is to say it. I dare you to say it right now. Speak it into existence. Our words have so much power to either destroy or bring life to a situation. When God created the world, He spoke everything into existence. He has given us that same creative power.

The second rule is to write down your dream and post it on your wall. You can easily lose motivation when you cannot see the finish line. Whether you create a vision board or stick it on a Post-it note on your work computer, you are reminded everyday of your destiny. You want your dream to be present in your everyday life.

The third rule is to be committed to making it happen. One of the main traits of a dream catcher is to be active; don’t sit around waiting for that big break to happen. Create one for yourself and break through. Each day create a small goal dedicated toward your passion. For example, your goal could be to research and write a great business plan or take a night course.

The fourth rule is to learn about people who have gone before you. There is always a common theme to people who have been able to create the life they want. You may not be able to do all that they did, but you will definitely learn some do’s and don’ts. If you are able to get a mentor, that is even better because you will now be accountable to someone.

The fifth rule is simply this: pray, pursue and slay. I am a big advocate of prayer. You will need to get that gentle direction so you can recognize when doors open. Pursue it, and don’t give up no matter what comes up before you. You have everything you need to make it happen.


DreamEva Headley2 Comments