Dressing from the inside out


It’s the time of year for fun like summer cookouts and beach vacations. Summer dresses, shorts, tank tops and swimsuits all mean the same thing: it’s HOT!

Dressing for 100-degree days guarantees that when you’re out and about, there’s nowhere to hide.

We all have our hang-ups about the way we look and, if you’re anything like me, you didn’t exactly complete that winter workout plan designed to give you the “perfect summer body in 5 simple steps.” So, what is a woman to do? Do you hide yourself behind lots of material? Cover up all of your perceived “problem” areas?

The simple answer is no. But the better question is what makes you feel good about you?

Winter, spring, summer or fall—you have to be comfortable in your own skin. And comfort has more to do with what’s on the inside than what you’re wearing on the outside. You want to embrace your inner glow. What is it about you that lights up a room? Is it your killer smile? Your beautiful eyes? The way you walk? Your engaging personality when you talk?

Yes, we all want to rock that awesome two-piece or stun in that perfect sundress. But turning heads has more to do with how you carry the outfit than how you fit in the outfit.

The ultimate summer must-have to look stunning is confidence.

Your inner confidence and appreciation for ALL of who you are (perceived flaws and all) creates a glow that makes you a stunning beauty no matter what you’re wearing. Sometimes we tend to lose that glow because we allow others to rain on our parade. We listen to their opinions and perceptions. We see others and measure our sense of self against what they look like on the outside. Comparison is natural. We all do it. But to truly be your best and look your best, you have to start dressing from the inside out.

Peel off the layers of self-doubt, bad relationships, harsh words, perceived failures, painful experiences and anything else that has caused you to think of yourself as less than you truly are. Strip off all of the unnecessary weight you’ve carried for years because of all of those things out of your control. Make a decision to see yourself as you were created to be: stunning, beautiful, smart, witty, funny, athletic, sensual or whatever you see as you at your best. Once you’ve made the decision to see yourself at your best, then honor that decision with action to treat yourself as your best. Don’t wait for others to compliment you. Rain compliments on yourself and build up layer upon layer of positivity from the inside that can’t help but shine through on the outside.

Then step out fully dressed from the inside out and show the world your absolute best!

Photo Credit:  Pexels.com