Fearlessly Conquer Your Hurdles


Life certainly won’t always be easy, and you will find yourself facing situations that seem daunting, but learning to scale those mountains will strengthen both your heart and your character. When you think about overcoming obstacles, one visual perspective that may come to mind is running in a track meet. During a track meet there are various races that require athletes to run over hurdles. In accomplishing this task—while also maintaining a fast pace—there must be strategy, mental focus, and much practice. After rigorous preparation and routine drills, the athletes and coaches work together to initiate strategies and carry out the plans. They know that even one small misstep can make what could have been a successful race end in disappointment.

Have you ever been so prepared for something that when it came time to accomplish that task you still felt unprepared, because “something came up?” That “something” is called an obstacle, and it can often cause a person to feel a heavy burden that she fears she won’t be able to conquer.

The big question becomes, “What do I do?” You've spent all of these hours preparing, and then something throws off your plans. We have likely all faced real moments like these in our lives, and it can be a struggle at times to keep moving beyond those situations that cause the feelings of failure.

You don’t have to let the discouragement overtake you—you are NOT a failure. There is definitely still hope. Sometimes you have to change your strategies, and there is nothing wrong with that. One thing you will discover in life is that you have to be able to make adjustments—which is often the key component in overcoming obstacles. Adjusting to life isn’t necessarily easy, but it is absolutely necessary. An obstacle doesn’t have to be seen as a setback—you can use it as an opportunity to work the “plan” differently. Having a more optimistic mindset helps you maintain a clear and focused perspective. There is no time to get stuck.

We all face obstacles at various points in our lives, and it might be that you are in the midst of one right now. Don’t be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I can make it through this. I will overcome.” But don’t just say it—believe it.

You can do it! Not only will you jump those hurdles, but you will conquer those hurdles and finish the race with strong strides and your head held high.