Get Out of the Boat


Do something out of the ordinary and take your faith to the next level. Just jump! Leap right into what you know God is calling you to do right now—His revealed will for your life. Jesus will be right there to help you, just as He was when Peter got out of the boat to walk toward Him in the midst of a storm. He told him, “Yes, come” (Matthew 14:29). When the Lord opens doors of opportunities, or you’re waiting for Him to move supernaturally in your life, it will sometimes take crazy faith to see it all come to pass. Furthermore, it will take you purposefully stepping out of the ordinary into the extraordinary. And it will require you to believe the Lord like never before for a successful outcome.

Also, know when you step out of the boat with this type of faith that fear and doubt will try to grip you. It’s liable to happen, but don’t let them defeat you or bring you down. Remember, when Peter took his focus off Jesus and allowed fear, doubt and his circumstances to overtake him, that’s when he began to sink. So don’t let fear sink you. Instead, keep your eyes on Jesus, trust Him, and do what Joyce Meyer says in her book entitled, Do it Afraid.

Nothing happens until you start moving. It will take placing one foot in front of the other without looking back as Mandisa says in her song, “Press On.” Just take one step at a time and you will make it. Remember, we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).

Trust the Lord to lead and guide you and direct your path as Proverbs 3:5–6 states. Believe by faith that you can do it. Trust is the key! Conquer faith over fear. Choose to believe God. Know that storms will come. Obstacles and opposition with arise. But keep your eyes on Jesus and keep trusting Him all the way through.

So what are you waiting for? Destiny is calling. It’s time to get out of the boat and take a leap of faith. He’s got you!