Gratitude Can Elevate Your Altitude

When you are grateful for what have, you open yourself up to receive more and be more
When you are grateful for what have, you open yourself up to receive more and be more

When you show an appreciation for who you are, what you have and your relationships, you allow yourself to enter a realm of unprecedented possibilities. You place yourself on a trajectory of maximizing your full potential. A positive and humble mindset serves as a constant reminder to never take anything for granted. Every experience, big or small, matters. Releasing negative restrictions and unrealistic inhibitions affords you the freedom to clearly see what is right in front of you. Taking an honest inventory of your priorities and the significance of their importance provides you with an opportunity to view your life from a new perspective. Foregoing negativity and focusing on the positives can yield tremendous results. Five Key Benefits of Being Appreciative

1. Being Present in Your Own Life ~ When you feel overwhelmed, pause and take a moment to breathe. Acknowledge that you are stressed and give yourself time to seek clarity and clear your mind of any distractions. Focus on what you have and not on the current task. Take a few minutes to think about what brings you joy. Allow those thoughts to bring you back to your core, to put you back at your center of presence.

2. Control Your Thoughts ~ Think about what makes you feel happy! What makes you smile? What makes you feel like the best, most productive, most authentic you? What makes your heart full? What does your body/mind tell you? How do you feel connected to others? To yourself? What brings you simple joy? Meditate on these things.

3. Everything Has Value ~ No matter how big or small, everything has value. All of your experiences, in some form or capacity, plant a seed that will manifest itself in your future. Never take anything for granted. A kind word, a smile, a small gesture can truly help someone else. Volunteering your time or listening to others is always appreciated. Miniscule acts of kindness are valuable and are extensions of gratitude. It can generally make a difference in someone’s life, as well as your own.

4. Journaling/Gratitude Notebook ~ Take a few minutes daily to recollect and jot down specific instances that occurred that brought you peace, happiness and/or appreciation. Recognize that there is an array of opportunities to be thankful for every day. Create and commit to a schedule that will allot a time to express a written account of your gratitude moments. Research has shown that actively documenting moments of gratitude has tremendous benefits.

5. Self-Acceptance and Self-Love ~ Possessing the ability to think and make decisions for yourself is an extraordinary blessing. Listen to your intuition and realize that you will be successful, by your own definition of success, when you become the person you were meant to be and not try to imitate others. Appreciate who you are and where you are on your life’s journey right now. Be grateful for the freedom to design the life that you want to live.