Honoring yourself in the harvest


We all hear about what’s known as the law of sowing and reaping—essentially you can’t reap where you haven’t sown.  Basically, if you don’t put anything in, then you can’t get anything out.  That holds true when it comes to the essence of who we are.

Life brings with it tests, trials, obstacles—pretty much anything that we describe as “bad” or “painful” or “unpleasant” is lumped into that category.  But if you think about it, every mishap or painful experience actually made you better or taught you something that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

In fact, those things that you thought of as “tests, trials and obstacles” were in fact seeds.

They weren’t meant to break you down or destroy you, they were meant to grow something within you.

When you think about a seed, you must understand that in order for it to grow it has to be buried.  Away from light and all that is happy, easy and good, the seed is planted—buried—in the deepest, darkest place--all alone.  It doesn’t have other seeds next to it because in order to grow it needs room to spread out.  It doesn’t have light hitting it directly because it would wither in the direct heat.  It is covered with dirt—not left exposed—because it needs to be protected and hidden from animals that might want to eat it and the wind and rain that might wash it away.  Within this darkness, the seed still receives the nutrients and water that it needs to grow.  And in the process of growing, it must crack its outer layer so that the soft new sprout can emerge.  As it grows, it gradually unfurls and pushes its way up to the light, where it receives more nutrients, light, water and air--essential things that it can now handle because it has developed to that point.

So too is it with you.  As a seed, you are planted in areas of your life that bring you shame, pain, disappointment and even failure.  Those “planting” events are designed to place and nurture seeds of strength, resilience, courage, ferocity, bravery and love within you.  The harvest that you receive as a result of your own season of sowing is far beyond material riches or opportunities, because this harvest is one that shapes you and helps to create you.

Looking at the season of sowing, reaping and harvest as only applying to your career or relationships is being incredibly short-sighted.  It is so much more than that.  You are who you are because of where and when you have been planted and how you have grown and flourished as a result.  So when you feel as if you are in a “dark place” in your life, understand that you are not alone.  You are in a season where you have been planted and there are wonderful seeds that will emerge and honor you at the harvest.