How to Overcome the Need for Permission

You don’t have to ask to be bold and find your success in life
You don’t have to ask to be bold and find your success in life

You’re an adult now, and you don’t always need permission to act on your behalf. As children, you are taught that you must ask permission before you act. You are encouraged to be considerate and polite: to ask before you leave the dinner table, take something you want from the fridge or schedule an outing.

You are taught that you must always take into account other people’s feelings and that your decisions will affect others. And, along the way, you are taught that it is important to care about what other people think. That is what kind-hearted parents teach, and that is what kind-hearted children learn is right.

So, is it any surprise that kind-hearted adults often feel the need to ask permission before making the decisions that feel right to them today? Concerned about how others will react or scared to choose paths of uncertainty, they are fearful that they will upset or do wrong to others in the process.

It is in human nature to want external approval before making decisions led by your inner voice. But here are some pointers on how to overcome that need for permission that can so often hold you back:

Trust your emotions – Whether you understand the power of “vibrations” and “frequencies” emitted by your body or not, there’s no questioning that emotions hold the key to understand how you truly feel about any given situation. When you are having difficulty making a decision—and secretly wishing for external permission—stop to assess how you feel on an emotional level.

Further, imagine having already made the decision, and consider how you would feel having made each of the possible choices. Trust whatever outcome would make you feel elated or unburdened.

Feel the fear—and do it, anyway – Progress in life means reaching out into the unknown. You experience new joys you need to make new decisions, and the unknown is always daunting. Having reassurance from someone else that it’s the right thing to do will give you confidence. But when you’re waiting on permission to make a change that feels right to you deep down, that’s when you need to feel the fear, and do it anyway.

Celebrate your power – You’ve only got one shot at this life. You are not a child anymore. You are here to experience all that life has to offer, and you don’t need permission from anyone to take this day and make it everything you wish for it to be. Celebrate your power! If you have a choice, relish in the opportunity to make a choice that suits you. You can spend your life sitting and waiting for external permission to create the life that you dream of, or you can claim it as your own now and create it how you like. Give yourself permission—it’s the only permission you really need.