It's Time to Transition


You can feel a shift coming. That divine discontent. A tug to enter into a new season. Just as God said to the Israelites in Deuteronomy 1:6, you sense He's saying to you, “You've stayed long enough at this mountain.”

On one hand, your heart does a little skip of excitement. Yet, on the other hand, your stomach tightens. Transition could be a beautiful time . . . if only you could just let go.

Most times, in order to allow God to fill our hands with something new, we have to open our hands to release the old. But we can't ignore the tension between the next thing we're called to and the pull of what is potentially about to become our past.

Perhaps you feel like you've spent a fortune on an expensive university degree or professional certification, and you just can't abandon that investment. Maybe you've been doing what you're currently doing for years, or you feel a sense of identification from your current role. That's how people know you and you're not sure you can give that up.

The common thread throughout is a sense of loss. Loss of time. Loss of investment. Loss of identity.

The fear of loss keeps us stuck doing things that are no longer a right fit (and maybe never were). After all, it's a struggle to rationalize moving on to something else after pouring so much into these things.

It's not easy to say, “Goodbye.” What's gone before can feel like a waste.

If you're sensing the call to a new direction or a new iteration of your current direction, but you're struggling to actually put your stake in the ground for it, here are some perspective shifts:

  • There's a reason you're feeling this divine discontent. It's a spiritual sign that something has to change.
  • Nothing is ever a waste. Think of it in terms of transferable skills. What can you take from your previous season that can serve you in the new?
  • What if it was never about "that thing" after all? What if that situation wasn't to get you on your way to CEO status like you thought, but to teach you management skills or to develop your confidence as a leader?
  • It's a sign that you're growing as a person. You're ready to step into the next version of yourself. The one that's wiser. Ready to expand. More confident, fulfilled, capable. More you. Growth is good.
  • You have permission. Sometimes that's all we need to know. You have permission to follow your intuition. Permission to do something completely new. Permission to let go of what you were doing or who you were "being" then. That's right. Permission to let go.

Yes, it can be a scary time to navigate, but don't let fear steal this from you. Joyce Meyer said in her book, Living Beyond Your Feelings: Controlling Emotions So They Don't Control You, “My past could not control my future unless I allowed it to.” She made a conscious choice to move forward, regardless of what had gone before. What will you choose?