Life is More Than a Highlight Reel | Finding God in the ordinary


Ordinary is the perfect setting for God to do the extraordinary

I don’t read my Bible every day. Sometimes I don’t even pray. I go through life being and living and doing. I take care of myself, my children and my husband (although I usually come last on that list). I feed the dog, fold the laundry, and empty the dishwasher…again.

And still sometimes I don’t pray.

I am not an unbeliever. I believe in the Word and know that He hears the words that go unspoken. I’ve skipped church to sleep in, and I tithe almost fully, but only when I’m ready. I’ve been healed and slain and on my knees. Yet, here I am again on my feet, one step in front of the other. The extraordinary of the ordinary is that we don’t expect it.

I think we forget that the Bible sometimes reads like a highlight reel.

40 years in the desert reads in a line and a burning bush reads in chapter.

Sometimes I wonder what the ordinary looked like for Moses or Deborah or Mary. My life is full of a lot more ordinary than extraordinary. It would be nice to know ordinary is good and every moment can’t be stone tablets and multiplying fish.

It’s easy to look at the highlights, but what if we look at the whole picture?

Esther was amazingly powerful and made a difference we can’t even measure. But that whole 12 months of beautification? Do you think she ever wondered what she was really doing there? If it was all worth it?

She went through a process that lasted far longer than the pivotal decision to approach the king.

Rahab is in the lineage of Jesus all because of a choice of faith, an amazing highlight. But what was she doing before that? Was she baking bread or sweeping a floor? Was it an ordinary day?

She was given the opportunity to be part of changing the world right there in the middle of her ordinary.

Ordinary may not be so bad.

Maybe I should go to church more. Maybe I should pray more. Or read more. Or believe more. But maybe God isn’t asking for more. Maybe He’s just asking for us. Fully who we are, where we are.

If I can love him the same when I’m washing sheets or driving to work as I did when I was singing with hands lifted high, then I think I’m doing ok. He’s not looking for our Insta-filtered best. He’s looking at all the ordinary moments fully ready to impart the extraordinary.

The ordinary is the setting for the extraordinary. We don’t need to rush past it or through it or seek out the highlights.

Do ordinary. Do it well. And be ready when the extraordinary presents itself. You may not even know it’s there, but someday you will.

Life is more than a highlight reel. Your faith should be, too.