No More Delay; Permission is Granted!


You already have what you need to move forward

When you have an idea that feels inspired and exciting, do you still sit on it? Or do you feel that if you had just one more bit of knowledge, just one more missing piece of the puzzle, then you could move forward? The Olympics just ended, and if list-making and planning were Olympic sports, some of us could take home the gold before (possibly) putting those plans into action.

So many of us have dreams and desires that we're still waiting for somebody – anybody – to give us permission to move ahead with. Or we wait for a sign to let us know we're doing the right thing, before we go ahead (complete with lightning bolts, dew on fleeces and angelic choirs, of course!).

Is that you? Have you been feeling that there's something you want to move on, but there's a massive red light staring you in the face, and you need some Cosmic Light Changer to turn it green for you before you can take action?

Are you open to a totally revolutionary idea?

What if you live as if you already have a big green light over your life for your plans, goals and desires? What if the answer to, "Can I really do this?" is already a resounding YES? No light changer required. Permission already granted! What a game changer. What could you do with that kind of freedom?

If a dream is in your heart, I believe it's meant for you. That it's divinely inspired and heaven backs you up. That you do live under this big green light. Yet so many of us are sitting at the intersection, only seeing red.

Now you might see the big green light and all the possibilities that could unfold. Fantastic! But that's only half of the equation.

You still have to move. You still have to put your foot on the gas and get momentum. If you don't, you'll be like that person who's holding up the traffic behind them because they're staring out into space dreaming and planning all the places they could go. Or they're on their phones buying more guides and info products showing them how to go.

But they're not actually going. (I can hear the horns honking as we speak!) And what about the person behind you? What if they can't move until you do? Now you're holding up more than just traffic!

Meanwhile your dreams and desires get delayed inevitably. The people you're called to help and transform wait indefinitely. The embers of the change you're meant to make in the world with your creativity, innovation or contribution flicker and go out, unrealized.

Lovely one, know this: you have a BIG GREEN LIGHT over your life. The gas is in the car. It's time to put all those beautifully brilliant plans into motion. The world is waiting for the flame that only you can ignite. It's time to shine!