Positive Motivation During Challenging Times


Motivating yourself in the midst of life ‘happening’ can be quite challenging. Women, in particular, deal with many societal challenges, including perceptions of physical appearance, family and other relational matters, career advancements, and the balance necessary to juggle all aspects of life. You might find that the $11 billion dollar growing self-improvement industry, according to the Forbes article “What People Are Still Willing to Pay For” by Melanie Lindner, provides various ways to improve these areas of your life. Some of those methods include self-help books, professional advice from counselors and coaches, and stress management programs. But, what really keeps you motivated to endure the challenges of life? When thinking of challenges, Oprah Winfrey once stated, “Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don't fight them. Just find a different way to stand.” Instead of seeing challenges as something negative, recognize the gift in them that allows you to gain a new perspective and ultimately, more motivation to pursue your goals. To stay motivated during challenging times, there are some questions that you should consider addressing first:

Do you know what challenges you are currently facing, and are you being honest about the facts surrounding them?

What means and resources are already in your hands to deal with the challenges?

Do you turn to your family or friends or another community for guidance?

Are there specific activities that eliminate stress when dealing with challenges?

What are the insightful lessons that are coming from your present challenges?

How does your faith guide you through life’s challenges?

All of these questions are important in figuring out what helps you positively cope with life’s challenges. Whether you are struggling with career changes, relationships, or ways to manage your stress or weight, there are some very practical suggestions for motivating yourself during these challenges:

*Know what specific things and persons are of value to you *Maintain your plan to ensure progress *Remain positive and driven to accomplish your goals *Allow your faith or beliefs to eliminate the threats posed by your challenges

Although challenges are bound to happen, your perspective in how you deal with them makes all the difference. Identify resources and assistance needed each time you face a challenge, and utilize them to stay positively motivated.