Pruning in Preparation for the Harvest


#TransparentMoment: I’m a hoarder.

Not of “stuff”—like the buttons from the costume from my starring role in the 5th grade play; or every-single-one of my report cards from 1st grade (which my mom still has, by the way)—but of people.

I have a hard time letting go of the people in my life—even if it’s quite obvious that the season for our connection has passed and I’m no longer receiving anything positive out of the relationship.  Because I value every person that I’m connected to in a deep way—be it friendships, romantic relationships or family—when the time for the relationship to come to an end arrives, I find myself holding on and sticking around.  I hoard. 

After all, how in the world could this person NOT be a part of my life anymore? We shared great laughs, cried together, prayed together and spent quality, memorable times together.  They helped me through crises and I picked them up when they had fallen—hard. We used to talk all the time and every time we got together it was as if there had never been any gap in time and we picked right up where we left off.

How in the world do you let go of someone who was such a large part of your world?

Then while taking care of my house plants, it hit me.  I was trimming some of the low-hanging, older leaves in order to allow room for the new sprouts that needed room and light to grow.  At that moment I saw it. 

In order for us to grow, there has to be a time of pruning.  There’s not enough room for the all the people who have been close to us to come along in the next phase of our journey.  If we never purge or prune what we carry, then there will never be room for anything—or anyone—new.

People always talk about sowing into good ground so that you can reap abundantly during the time of harvest.  That’s true.  But what they seldom mention is the pruning and shedding that’s required in order to make room for what’s to come.

As much as we’d love to, we can’t take everyone with us on every new level of our journey and not everyone is going to fit into the new way of “being” that you will grow into during your time of harvest. 

Does that mean that all of these relationships will end badly? Absolutely not.  Some of them will just fade away.  Calls will become less frequent; the time between texts lengthens and they don’t show up in your social media feed as much.  But instead of looking at this falling away as a time of sadness; see it for what it is—a natural pruning that presents an opportunity for you to welcome the harvest of abundance that is coming your way.