Reclaim your summer days


Find your adventure

As the dog days of summer leave their mark, it is not too late to be adventurous. Although school bells will soon ring you still have time to explore. Summer makes you think of ice cold lemonade on your front porch, lounging around the pool and carefree afternoons doing anything that you want. What is that one last thing you could squeeze in for yourself or your family?

Have fun at home

If you have elementary school-aged children, think outdoor games. Put the gadgets away and stop living in the ever-changing technology of today. Revert to the old ways of what it was like for you as a child. Teach the kids what that was like. Let them see how you survived without a cell phone.

Have a sprinkler laying around the house? Get your trusty garden hose and hook it up. Fill up some water balloons and, if you are super brave, get out the infamous slip and slide. Go to your local dollar store and pick up some colorful sand buckets to put your snacks and drinks in. Decorating doesn’t have to be for birthday parties only.

Look in your closet for your board games. Remember Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble and Candyland? These are great for all ages.

If your kids are teens, include a cookout that they can help with. Throw in a game of volleyball, corn hole or horseshoes. At this age they like to be competitive.

With any last minute activities, go for the wow factor affordably. Cooking something new for the family? Think about presentation like you see on the Food Network channel. Make your family and friends feel special.

Getting out and about

If you are looking for some fun family activities, check out what is close to you. Look into the local events on your city's website or somewhere near you. Scope out the nearest museum or planetarium. Sure, you might visit these on a field trip someday but why wait when you can go now? Maybe check out a local restaurant that you have been meaning to try.

Don’t forget to make time for you, too. How about getting together with your girlfriends for a spa hour or going to watch a chick flick? Look for the kind of movie that will make your stomach hurt because you laughed so hard.

Be spontaneous. Go spend the night in a cool hotel with all of the amenities.

Sometimes we spend so much time prepping for special occasions that we forget each day is special in itself. This is your chance at making memories that will never be forgotten. Summer time is a happy mix of never-ending possibilities. Get creative with these last minute outings. Reclaim your summer before fall arrives. Imagine being a kid again. Think starry nights catching lightening bugs and putting them in a mason jar. That awe and wonder is still yours for the taking.