Securely YOU!


Embracing who you are in spite of your insecurities

How secure do you feel about yourself? I find myself growing to higher levels of security and then in the same moments facing all new forms of insecurities. 

One minute I'm loving myself, running around in a barely-there Brazilian bikini, feeling so very beautiful. Then in the next moment I'm criticizing my hips and thighs, feeling like a beached whale eating organic potato chips. One moment I'm feeling those amazing girl boss vibes, like I can reach every goal I've ever set, and then in the next moment I feel so completely unqualified to even clean a freaking toilet. 

I am sharing this very personal information, because I want to free you up a bit to just BE. I want you to know you are NOT alone in your mixed-up feelings and messiness of maturing as women. I’m sharing this with you to let you know that we all go through something like this on our journey to evolving and growing into our best self. You are not required to do it flawlessly or with complete confidence the whole way to be a success. 

As women we are still human, and at times we act very human indeed – some of us more than others. But all the same, we’re moving forward on a journey to being a better version of ourselves. During the journey, you will absolutely make mistakes, fall on your face, screw up potentially good relationships and opportunities, feel insecure for the silliest reasons, say something stupid that will definitely make you look like an idiot, self-sabotage a bit and back-peddle your butt off after making great progress. Ha! Sounds terrible, right? But guess what? All that messiness is OK if you are aware of it and make a choice to grow through it all. 

Awareness and taking action (a choice to move forward in a positive direction) can be the most powerful tools you will ever have as you act in your very flawed humanity. You will come out on the other end a very powerful individual by simply choosing to face your mistakes and insecurities head on and learning from them no matter how darn uncomfortable thing may get. It’s your choice to become stronger and better every day and in every moment. Choose to react different next time, refrain from blurting out the first thing that comes to your mind or avoid cracking that stupid joke no one gets except you. Choose to reject negative mental chatter about your looks or qualifications and instead speak out words of affirmation.

“You are freaking amazing because you are YOU.” 

“You have everything already inside you to fulfill your divine purpose.” 

Harness the power of every insecure explosion and embarrassing moment and slap them into your arsenal of experience. All that mess, all the junk and all those mistakes will help you conquer and dominate all aspects of your life if you chose to use them that way. 

I'll never be the best at everything or be the most beautiful, the sexiest or most fit. One thing I can always do is be myself, holding confidence in my uniqueness and knowing I'm still valuable no matter how insecure I feel in that moment. 

We must learn to be OK when we have those vulnerable moments and insecurities and know we're not alone. Remember you're more than enough right now, and surround yourself with people who remind you of that on a daily basis.