Six Tips for Gift Giving


Gift giving is both a privilege and an art. The privilege is having people in your life to receive your gifts.  The art is in knowing how to select the perfect gift, one that makes both you and the recipient smile when they open it. The winter holidays are a peak gift giving season and millions of people engage in a quest for the right gifts to give. You are likely in that number; therefore, you need a strategy before heading out to do your holiday shopping. Here are six tips for giving good gifts.

Be intentional

Identify who’s on your gift list. The customary names include family, friends and colleagues but also remember to include your loyal service providers such as hair stylists, barbers, sanitation collection team, domestic staff, clergy members, teachers and child care providers. 

Be thoughtful

Meaningful giving begins with careful thought about the gift recipient. Consider what you know about them: their style, likes, interests, standard of living and favorite things then select a gift accordingly. It is perfectly fine to ask a third party for hints when you don’t know the recipient’s likes and dislikes.  Strive to give gifts that will be appreciated and enjoyed, even if it’s simply an elegant greeting card.

Be appropriate

There’s a difference between personal gifts and business gifts and mixing the two can create discomfort for the recipient. Gifts such as pajamas, loungewear, linen, clothing, fragrances and jewelry are not appropriate for the office and should be reserved for personal friends and family. Appropriate office gifts include stationary, executive pens, planners, specialty foods and beverages, books, electronic device accessories and office décor.

Be personal

Add a personal touch to your giving by including a handwritten note with every gift. Your note should include a brief message of appreciation or recap of a memory.

Be stylish

The way you present your gift makes a statement about you. A well wrapped (or bagged) gift shows your style and attention to detail. Use a high-quality wrapping paper or gift bag when wrapping gifts. Be neat and meticulous. If you’re a non-wrapper (and that’s OK), enlist someone to help you. Most department stores offer gift wrapping services for a small fee.

Be sincere

Gifts should be given out of sincerity not obligation. Before you embark on the gifting process make sure your heart is in it. If you don’t want to give a gift then don’t do it.  But if you do give a gift do it with full effort and no strings attached.