Staying positive in the new year


For many of us, a new year marks 365 brand-new days to create new resolutions. It is a new year to forget all the struggles, burdens and suffering we experienced along with the bad choices we made the year before.

But, forgetting our bad choices is not always as easy as many of us would like it to be. The thoughts of what we said or did wrong disturbs our peace, pre-occupies our minds and causes unrest in our hearts. And the good, positive choices we made seem like yesterday’s news. We don’t seem to give them enough value. Yet, they have much value and are what we should focus on.    

Without reservation or present shame, I can tell you I made bad decisions last year in my relationship with God and others. I made bad decisions at work and in other areas of my life. And those decisions came with a price, some greater than others. However, I also made wise, powerful and influential decisions – decisions I am very proud of.  Rather than reflect on the bad ones of last year, I choose to focus on the ones I made well.

I am not ignoring my bad choices. I am not pretending like they didn’t exist. I am not letting myself off the hook and not implementing strategies to make sounder decisions in the future. No. Not at all. I am just choosing to shift my focus on the positives. And when my focus is shifted on the positives, my mind, heart, spirit and life are so much better. When your focus is shifted on the positives, your mind, heart, spirit and life will be so much better.

Your past year was likely not free from bad choices, and you may be still paying the cost for some of them. Hold yourself accountable for the bad choices you made. Don’t provide justification. Use your errors as a learning tool for this upcoming year. Use them as motivation. Change what you need to change in your attitude, thoughts and behaviors so you can make better choices. Don’t allow them to serve as a hindrance to you.

There was no magic when the sunset or the clock struck midnight this New Year’s Day. Every thought that haunted your mind of things you did wrong did not just disappear. But, allow your mind, heart and spirit to become focused on what you did well and what positive things your future holds for you. And if you haven’t done so as yet, please forgive yourself. Make it your mission to embrace and focus on this year, which is your next year. Move forward in wisdom, grace, courage, strength and with faith that you will become a wiser, stronger and better woman in every area of your life. This year, your next year, awaits you! It counts. It’s important. And I believe, in spite of the any bad decision, it will be amazing! 

PicJumbo (Credit)